The MathArt Creator Platform

Paul and Shandley Phillips are proud to announce the release of the next version of the MathArt Platform. We call it MathArt Creator because of the addition of containers where you can mix primitives and manipulate their positions. My grandson Bradyn, age 12, says "kids can play with [MathArt Creator] to learn fun ways of [using] math and creating extraordinary art pieces." Below are the release notes with links to the different areas of MathArt Creator that make it easy to navagate the interface. Please try it. The purpose of the MathArt Project is to show the relationship between art and math to excite young creative kids to want to study Mathematics.

Release Notes

The MathArt Development team has finished the MathArt Creator Platform Version V#200416..
This application works on laptops, tablets. and desktops. It has not yet been adapted for phones.
We modified MathArt Color for the 2020 Air and Space Museum Summer Camp Program.

MathArt Creator has retained the PRIMITIVES area, the TRANSFORMATIONS area, and the custom PALETTE area. You can see your artwork change with the pick of a shape, pick of a color, and the move of a slider.

The MathArt Developers have added the following features:

1. An area where you can make complex primitives using containers and tools.
2. An area where you can save ArtData and SVG Shapes and paste them back in.
3. A a robust Help area that introduces the vocabulary of the platform
and explains the interfaces area by area. With this online slide show,
just click anywhere to advance to the next slide.
5. An Advanced Challenges area with a set of instructions to create some complex designs.
These challenges make execellent online activities and learning exercises.
NOTE: An Advanced Challenges have two images presented in a new window
Your challenge is to figure out how to get from the one to the other.
You can check your method against the Answer steps shown when you click on the Answer heading.
When you click on the challenge images, you see them full size.
6. A new Quick Navigation Panel to jump to a tool area you need.

MathArt Creator Quick Navigation

MathArt Creator Help Links