MathArt Platforms

Open MathArt Basement

June 2022

The MathArt Basement area is a visible playspace
where you can put a variety of shapes and drag them around. New Features include the abily to
Use text as a primitive shape
Use images on the web as a primitive shape
Use a random generated Polygon as a primitive shape
Use a random generated Bezier Curve as a primitive shape
Use a random generated Quadratic Curve as a primitive shape

Open MathArt MakeArt

June 2021

The MathArt MakeArt Button
The MathArt MakeArt button is just for fun!
Press the The MathArt MakeArt button.
See what shows up.
Use the sliders to modify the new random art pattern.
For the USD STEAM ACADEMY, the Lesson2021
Explore & Discover window was added.

Both MathArt MakeArt and Lesson2021
contain the following new features.

1. The Art Controls Area has 3 new buttons.
MathArt MakeArt
Export Art
2. The Download Art and the Export Art
captures the background color.
3. The Export button saves the ArtData and then Downloads the art.
4. The BigArt button sets resolution to 5000x5000 this image size is suitable for making blankets.

Open Kaleidoscope MathArt

June 2021

The Kaleidoscope MathArt animates the slider values with a random selection of a pair of sliders. By scrolling through the slider values the art patterns continuously change. By clicking the Full Screen button the Dashboard and Tools Areas are revealed.
The MathArt ColoringBook has now incorporated
the MathArt MakeArt button to make art patterns to color!
If you do not like the art pattern, press the button again.
Use the sliders to modify the art patterns.
Click the Download Art button to collect the art patterns you want to save.

MathArt Creator. The purpose of the MathArt Project is to reveal the relationship between art and math. We hope to excite young creative kids to want to study Mathematics.

This application works on laptops, tablets, and desktops. Using the Chrome Browser gives the best experience, since it used Google's Angular 5 for the development. It has not yet been adapted for phone screens. MathArt Creator now has creative containers where you can mix your primitives and manipulate their positions.

Bradyn, age 12, says "kids can play with MathArt Creator to learn fun ways of [using] math and creating extraordinary art
We added a Quick Navigation menu to junp to the tool's control areas.

Go to the Release Notes. there you will find links to MathArt's creative control areas.

View the Video of MathArt's Creative Samples

August 2018

The Patterns are by Paul Gary Phillips.
The Music is by Michael Carroll