The Story of Order and Chaos

The Story Behind the "ORDER AND CHAOS"

Coloring Books And Its Creator and

Artist Paul Gary Phillips

My life is a wild ride with massive diversity. I have traveled the United States. By the age of 17, I had visited 40 of the 50 states.


While at college, one of my favorite activities was coloring my bedsheets with crayons. These massive artistic expressions required my buying sheets often.


I graduated from Colorado State University with a bachelor of science in Physical Science with a major emphasis in Mathematics. Upon graduation, I became a Traveling Portrait Photographer and I began my journey of self-education through life.

The titles I have earned include Audio Editor, Sounds Slide Producer, Light Show Inventor, National Park Caretaker, Computer Graphic Artist, Print Shop Coordinator, Forms Analyst, Computer Animation Training, Instructional Designer, Supervisor of Graphics and Reproduction, 3-D Modeler, Illustrator, Technical Writer, and Support Engineer.

My Creativity

My creativity included designing and constructing

  • Carpet Animals,
  • Solid Modeling Illustration,
  • Stuffed Animal Designs,
  • Computer Graphics.

Metamorphosis:Creating the Coloring Book

I have woven this aggregation of talent and ability into my latest metamorphosis, that of a Self Published Coloring Book Producer. I create both the pictures to color as well as the printer ready PDF file, My first coloring book, Order and Chaos, is ready to ship.


My art is aided by a set of computer tools I wrote. They mathematically calculate the amount of regular and or random transformation of size, scale, rotation, and movement for a single simple shape. The result is my collection of iconic patterns suitable for coloring. Some of my designs are simple for a novice, while some are complex requiring the selection of areas to color over the lines (oh my!).

coloring blank

Targeting Seniors

After seeing both my parents and my wife's parents in assisted living situations, I concluded this was the group I hoped would consume my coloring books. Since many of them are not computer literate or not able to use an online store, I hope to reach those friends and family who care about them. If you have someone who would enjoy a new challenge by coloring, you order coloring books and I will ship to their location.

Each book is padded for easy removal of pages. Each page has a place to sign and date so sharing the book as a group activity is easy.  

Loved by all

While testing the designs, I discovered that all the adults and teens testing the coloring experience really enjoyed the coloring books. So order one for yourself as well.


The second book Shear Order and Chaos is now available also.


Check Out The Art By Coloring Store
The books are printed in the United States and can be ordered or downloaded.

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Author, Artist, Publisher, MathArt Software Developer
Paul Gary Phillips